Jyodent®, a path breaking product from the prestigious house of Jyoti Ceramics Industries, is one of the leading manufacturers of Dental Zirconia. The core issue for all dental restorations has been balancing aesthetics (color and translucency) with strength or function. Jyodent® provides solutions to address the evolving needs of the dental care industry across the globe.

Jyodent®, Zirconia Dental Blanks and Restoratives, is a cost-effective, sturdy and aesthetic viable product to previously used gold alloys and porcelain in dentistry. It is also fast emerging as an alternative to the use of Titanium for dental implants as it addresses most of the requirements in dentistry such as biocompatibility, strength related to intended purpose, and aesthetics.

Jyodent®, is a pre-sintered, biocompatible ceramic block, composed of Zirconium stabilized with Yttrium and enriched with Aluminum. It has been developed by combining clinical grade Zirconia powder with our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes under stringent quality control.

This product is available in various geometrical shapes and thicknesses, aiming to satisfy different CAD/CAM milling systems as well as manually operated Copy Milling machines available in the market.


ISO 13485:2016 

MDR 2017 Licence No.  :

Radio Active Test
certificate BARC





Highlights of Jyodent® Zirconia Discs & Blanks

  • Produced from clinical grade Japanese Zirconia ceramic powder in White, Coloured, Translucent & Extreme Translucent.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes.
  • Available in Uniaxially pressed / Iso-statically pressed.
  • Compatible with open CAD/CAM and manually operated Copy Milling Machines.
  • Uniform Hardness & Density.
  • Chipping free smooth milling.
  • Highly Bio-compatible.
  • Longer durability for the milling heads (burrs).
  • Fast sintering cycle; max sintering temperature 1430-1450 oC
  • Uniform shrinkage upon sintering.
  • Suitable for crowns, bridges, abutments & implants.
  • Good translucency; Even for white Opaque discs.
  • Competitive price.
  • Certified by ISO 13485:2016, MDR 2017 & Radio Activity Test Certificate BARC

For distribution and dealership, Please contact us at info@jyodent.com

Bulk enquiries are welcome in private label for Zirconia Discs & Blanks