Jyodent® Isostatically Pressed Extreme Translucent Zirconia Dental Discs (IS-ETR-ZD)

Jyodent® (IS-ETR-ZD) are manufactured from clinical grade Japanese YTZP, extremely high Translucent Zirconium oxide powder. It is a third generation Zirconium oxide, a hybrid, tetragonal, polycrystal structure with it’sperfect fit for monolithic restorations. It ensures extra translucency with high stability, high performance and fracture toughness as compared to glass ceramics. With a translucency of 49%, it allows perfect light transmission and gives outstanding aesthetic looks and feel of a natural tooth. With a strength of over 600 MPa and excellent translucency, it is a perfect alternative to Lithium Disilicate.

Jyodent® (IS-ETR-ZD) blanks are compatible with DENTSPLY SIRONA* (MCX5), ROLAND*, KELKAR DYNAMICS*, VHF*, WEILAND* Milling Machine.


Item No. Dimension (DIA. X Ht.) Packing Unit
IS-ETR-ZD9810 ∅98 x 10 mm 1 pc
IS-ETR-ZD9812 ∅98 x 12 mm 1 pc
IS-ETR-ZD9814 ∅98 x 14 mm 1 pc
IS-ETR-ZD9816 ∅98 x 16 mm 1 pc
IS-ETR-ZD9818 ∅98 x 18 mm 1 pc
IS-ETR-ZD9820 ∅98 x 20 mm 1 pc
IS-ETR-ZD9822 ∅98 x 22 mm 1 pc
IS-ETR-ZD9824 ∅98 x 24 mm 1 pc
IS-ETR-ZD9826 ∅98 x 26 mm 1 pc

Jyodent® Isostatically Pressed Extreme Translucent Zirconia Dental Discs (IS-ETR-ZD)

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